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Vanimlas Partners with Glu on Eternity Warriors VR (Q4 16)

Vanimals is excited to announce that it will partner with Glu Mobile on the development of a Virtual Reality game that will use Eternity Warriors, Glu’s original IP action franchise.

The Eternity Warriors series is a globally well-known action RPG mobile game franchise that Glu Mobile brought out to iOS, Android and MacOS platforms from the year of 2011 and has three sequels after that, and gathered millions of downloads worldwide.

The new VR title will allow players, of course from the first person view in VR classes, to play different roles including Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Gunner to fight against waves of daemons from rushing into the last piece of land of mankind. Eternity Warriors VR will also provide multiplayer features like Co-op and PvP. Scheduled for release on PC VR platforms in late 2016, Vanimals anticipates that the game will gradually launch on Playstation and mobile VR platforms in global markets.

Vanimals Technology, based in Beijing, its core members are veteran action game developers, with years of experience on mobile and PC MMO development for both China and west publishers.

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