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Microsoft announces strategy of MR platform; the debut of the MR game “Eternity Warriors”

Microsoft has introduced a developer program, including support, for MR / VR game developers.

The China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) was held in Shanghai on 27th July. Microsoft International Market VR / AR Ecosystem Manager, Nancy Li, delivered a speech at the host server/PC game event at the Conference and introduced the Microsoft Windows MR platform and its developer program. In addition, the event also demonstrated the MR version of the VR game “Eternity Warriors” developed by Vanimals.


Microsoft International Market VR / AR Ecosystem Manager Nancy Li made the speech at CGDC 2017 in Shanghai


Microsoft announced last year that it would build a new MR headset based on the Microsoft platform, with five leading PC manufacturers, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell. These headsets have the highest resolution of 2K, using an ‘Inside-Out’ location tracking function, and come equipped with two front cameras. The content is divided into five major areas, namely: games, entertainment/video, social interaction, life/education, business.

Nancy Li revealed that the five MR headsets will have a standard price of $399, and already Acer and HP’s mixed reality Devkits have gone on sale. In the fourth quarter of this year, there will be a variety of Windows mixed reality headsets on sale globally.


Nancy Li revealed the five partners of Windows MR


At the conference venue, Microsoft also demonstrated a game based on the Windows MR platform, “Eternity Warriors” Wang Kung, CEO of the company, Vanimals Technology that carried out the R&D for the game, said that, thanks to the Microsoft UWP system, this game that had been originally developed in another PCVR platform had a full version completely ported in only ten days.


Eternity Warriors VR now compatible to Windows MR


At the conference venue, Nancy Li also introduced the “Noah’s Project” that Microsoft recently launched. Within this project, Microsoft will provide comprehensive support in technology, capital, distribution, etc. for the local developers of Windows MR platforms. Amongst this, the support for MR / VR game developers includes:

  1. Provide free MR development Devkits and discounts for OEM PC purchases.
  2. For outstanding selected game developers: free Unity Pro license for one year, and other Unity products with 30% discounts.
  3. Free Microsoft Windows store compliance certification and promotion.
  4. China region game review green channel.
  5. R & D funding support.
  6. Microsoft Global Technical Support.
  7. Global content game release support.
  8. Exhibiting at Global Game Show, exposure in Global Media Interviews

The “Noah’s Project” is scheduled to officially kick off on 25th July; the deadline for MR / VR game developers applications is on 8th October.

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  1. Thanks, for sharing these post. Woow!! that’s great MR headset is available in market and Eternity Warriors VR is compatible with this headset. Definitely, try this one.

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