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v0.1.2-0927 Updated – Improved Warrior & network optimization

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Before we get to the patch notes we would like to say that your reviews, suggestions, and conversations in the community hub over this first week of Early Access have been so invaluable to us. So to say “thank you” we’ve added a little something to the game’s credits. We won’t spoil what it is here, but we hope you like it. Now on to the patch notes!

  • Warriors’ sword damage has increased 20%. Now all those childhood fantasies of being Cloud Strife can be fulfilled!
  • Warrior’s shield size has increased. Fight demons with a bigger and much safer shield!
  • Shoving enemies into the air with the warrior’s shield will give a damage bonus to your sword. So what are you waiting for, more air combos warriors!
  • Damage to the Warrior’s shield is lowered by 25% after successfully deflecting an enemies attack. Send everything back to where they came from!
  • The Daemon’s Gaze(Warrior gauntlet’s laser beam), has been improved, it lasts 2 seconds longer and does 25% more damage. Harder! Better! Longer! Stronger!
  • Texture of the Warrior’s gauntlet has been remade. No more losing your hand in the dark!
  • The Gunner’s normal revolver bullets (uncharged) damage has been increased 20%. Now you will feel less awkward when the revolver charge runs out!
  • Lefties rejoice! Left-handed mode is available for all 3 hero classes! You can find it in the settings menu.
  • Speaking of the settings menu, it’s a lot more obvious now. Even us in the dev team struggled to find it before!
  • A new section in the game credits. This one is our gift to our community. Just go check it out!
  • Optimized network connection for co-op gameplay. Yay!


Remember, this is only the beginning. We will be constantly be listening to feedback and improving the game. We read everything. So continue to discuss what you like and dislike, and even what would you like to see. And we’ll continue to work on Eternity Warriors VR to make it the best Action VR game around!



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