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Download Vanimals Press Kit From [DropBox Link]

Vanimals Technology Co., Ltd. (Vanimals) is a game development company focusing on VR-related platforms, including PC, console, and mobile. Starting with Eternity Warriors™ VR, with its strategy of “IP-VR”, Vanimals works closely with global franchise owners like Glu Mobile (a world-leading mobile game company). In Q3 2016, Vanimals received an initial round investment of approximately $1 million from Youget Capital and Green Pine Capital.

The Team and The Leaders

Vanimals is a small, 11-man company, but the members are all industry veterans of Action RPG games, including the Lead Designer and Producer of the Eternity Warriors series of mobile games, Production Director, Creative Director, Producer and Lead Engineer of Glu Mobile, Lead Designer and Producer of Gameloft, and Lead Server Engineer of Seasun Games. Anther key factor of Vanimals is the art crew that covers the complete next-gen art creation process.

Kun Wang     
Vanimals’ co-founder and CEO created and shipped about 15 mobile games to the global market. With a proven leadership at Gameloft and Glu Mobile studios, he’s now managing the general affairs including game publishing, IP cooperation, partner and investor relationships, etc.

Yue Zhang    
The company’s co-founder and CPO of production has over 10 years of experience in game development. He’s also known as the “Father of EW” who created the initial and second Eternity Warriors game at Glu Mobile. He’s also called the zen master of ACT/ARGP game design and project management.

Zhongyuan Li     
The company’s co-founder and CTO of engineering has rich experience in graphics, client-side logic, and server architecture development. He’s now overseeing all tech-related affairs: game features on client and server, optimization, porting, SDK, data tracking, and after-sale tech support.


Our Progresses

Vanimals celebrated its first birthday with awards and recognitions. The first game, Eternity Warriors™ VR, has won the applause of reviewers around the world since its debut, and it caught the attention of the industry at G-Star 2017 in Busan and Unite 2017 in Shanghai.

Awards and Recognitions:

★ Tencent’s “Best VR Game” (Feb 2017)

★ HTC and NVIDIA’s “Best Graphics VR Game” (March 2017)

★ HTC “Best VR Games” (March 2017) Nominee

Voices from the customers and reviewers

“I thought this is made with Unreal, but now you tell me it’s Unity!”

“This is a top-tier game that I know was made with Unity.”

“When is the final launch?”

2017 summer, Eternity Warriors™ VR will be on fire!

Our Goals

Our aspirations for 2020:

Defining our industry with high user penetration rate on major platforms.

When people think of VR games,
we want them to think Vanimals!

To achieve that,

  • WE create high quality and fun games.
  • WE cooperate with global top-tier IPs.
  • WE will cross-over VR & AR in the foreseeable future.


We welcome any potential partners—including media, UGC creators, IP owners, and fellow developers—to reach out to us and chat about games and opportunities to expand the business to a greater level.



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