“One of the best zombie games ever” 9/10


“…a powerful premise that draws you in.” 8/10

– KeenGamer


Caught amid the zombie apocalypse and with time running out, Anling will stop at nothing to ensure her son, Cody, gets to safety. Enduring countless perils, including the zombie infection that’s beginning to take over her body, not to mention teaching Cody how to survive their harsh new reality.

As Anling and Cody explore the world they’ll come across an ensemble of characters that present unique challenges. How Anling and Cody handle each one determines their fates, some may die, some may live, and some may become staunch allies or even an archnemesis. Will humanity truly prevail?

Your Path, Your Choices, Your Story!

  • With everyone trying to survive, whether you help others or not can lead to devastating consequences. Everyone has their secrets, which begs the question… Who can you really trust? Every decision you make changes the outcome of your story, what will your ending look like?

Crafting 1.0 Means of Survival!

  • It’s not a survival game if there’s no crafting and now, with so many things to craft and enhance, it’s a wonder if there’ll even be enough resources!
  • How you use the crafting system will determine if you survive or not, and how easy it will be.

The World is filled with Dungeons, Stories, and loot!

  • Did you really think we wouldn’t have David Brevik (the godfather of Diablo) help design dungeons and make sure looting felt satisfying?
  • Each time you start a game of Undying, you’ll never know how the map will be laid out before your eyes. The 14 major locations will be spread across the map in a variety of layouts, while the other “Unsafe Areas” are filled with random events that can quickly alter your plans. Will you help an ungrateful survivor; what about a gang surrounded by zombies? You never know who you will encounter on your journey, each with their own tale to tell.

Major New Features for 1.0 and Others Overhauled

  • Want to write a letter to Mom? Use the Comment Wall to share your words (anonymously) with Undying fans from across the globe
  • Beautiful low poly artistic aesthetic
  • Find your very own kitten to take care of during the apocalypse
  • A cast of characters as far as the eye can see, each with their own unique story and ending
  • Various mini-games to relax with after killing hordes of zombies, so why not take a break?
  • An impactful and suspenseful soundtrack that sets the tone for Undying from the very start
  • One emotional story about survival and letting go, be warned, it can be a tear-jerker!
  • Rogue-lite elements that create unique situations you will have to overcome to survive. After all, zombies don’t all mutate the same, do they?
  • How will you teach Cody to survive? With over a hundred skills to learn, there’s no one way to give him the tools needed to find safety

Privacy Policy

Effective Date: Oct 19, 2021
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UNDYING does not collect any personal information from players. During gameplay, your game data is stored only on your device and cannot be accessed or used by us.
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We implement reasonable security measures to protect the game data. However, please note that sinceUNDYING is offline and not connected to the internet, there is no risk of data transmission.
Children’s Privacy
UNDYING is designed to entertain players of ages above 16. We do not knowingly collect any personal information from minors.
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